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Leadership Grand Strand - Class XXXIX Experiences

December 6, 2018

Compass Cove Oceanfront Resort

Class held at Compass Cove, 2311 South Ocean Boulevard, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577.

Breakfast in the Compass Rose Restaurant was sponsored by The Conway National Bank.

Ann DeBock Leadership Award Nominee Presentations presented by:

Group 1, John Poston

John Poston is the Chief Operating Officer at Castles Engineering. As a member of the Grand Strand community for almost twenty years, John has dedicated himself to service beyond his work and family life. He continues his commitment and service to the community through his involvement with civic organizations, boards, charities and his church.

Multigenerational Leadership
Presented by Eileen Soisson

Eileen Soisson presented the various generations that are in the workplace today and how they interact. Emphasis was on how we interact and understand each other. Activities included practical solutions on how to remove conflict among the generations. Also covered were leadership strategies across all generations through communication, expectations and growing your mindset. Today’s generation mix includes Veterans, Baby Boomers, Generation X and Generation Y.

November 2018 Meeting

Myrtle Beach High School & Horry County Government

Myrtle Beach High School

Ansley Morrow

Ansley Morrow, Assistant Principal & Director Seahawk New Tech

We met at the Myrtle Beach High School and Ansley Murrow gave a presentation about the opportunities available to mentor with students. She discussed the mentoring process and explained meetings with students would be during lunch periods and start December 2018. Students gave us a tour of the high school.

Horry County Government & Justice Center

Mark Lazarus,
Horry County Council Chairman

Our class met in the Horry County Council Chambers and Mark Lazarus talked to the group about the different districts represented. The County Council conducts meeting once a month and the public is welcome to attend.

Chris Eldridge,
Horry County Government Administrator

Chris Eldridge talked to the group about the projects Horry County is working on. These include many road improvements and airport upgrades. The effects and lessons learned from the recent hurricanes were discussed. His department oversees 2200 employees.

Justin Powell, Assistant County Administrator

Justin Powell gave a presentation on the finances of Horry County Government and how the money is spent. Topics included how the recent hurricanes impacted the budget and where money was coming from to pay for it. He stated there was $9 - $12 million dollars spent in clean up alone. He anticipates FEMA will contribute 75% of the cost.

Lunch provided by Horry County Government, Clean Eatz Caterer

Jimmy Richardson

Jimmy Richardson,
Horry County Solicitor

The class was given an overview of programs offered by the Solicitor’s office. To date, the Worthless Check Unit has collected $9 million in bad check debt in Horry and Georgetown Counties. Pretrial Intervention is for individuals who are age 17 or above. It is an alternative to the traditional court system and allows an offender to complete the program and have their charges dismissed. The PTI program has an 80% success rate. Other programs include Drug Court and Mental Health Court. The Solicitor’s office has 123 employees and 33 attorneys.

Joe Hill

Joe Hill,
Horry County Police Chief

Chief Hill gave us an overview of changes he as implemented since his arrival. Also, he discussed the Keeping It Real Program. The department has 245 officers but there is a need for 500 officers. He is working on ways to attract potential officers.

Randy Webster

Randy Webster,
Horry County Emergency Management

Recently, the Horry County Emergency Management team was very busy. With two hurricanes and record flooding, Randy Webster explained how they prepare for disastrous conditions. President Trump visited the Horry County Emergency Management center after the recent storms. Although the visit was a bit distributive, Randy Webster said he was pleased to see the President.

Horry County E911 Tour

Horry County E911

Chasity Todd, E-911 Spokesperson

We took a tour of the 911 communications department. Chasity Todd informed us on the activities the 911 operators perform each day. On average, 1400 calls pass through the department daily.

J. Rueben Long Detention Center

Major Joey Johnson,
Captain Susan Safford

We were briefed on the daily tasks performed at the J. Rueben Long Detention Center and given a tour of the facility. Inmate visitation is only conducted by video phone and an appointment is required. When an inmate comes into the facility, they are photographed, metal detected, given a jump suite and all personal items are stored away. They are provided with 3 meals a day. They stay at the facility until they are sentenced or bonded out. Until proven guilty, each inmate is considered innocent (photos were copied from the Horry Independent and J. Rueben Long Detention Center website).

October 4, 2018

Projects - Community Service & Ann DeBock Leadership Award

Habitat for Humanity

We spent the morning learning about all the programs Habitat for Humanity provides for families in the Horry County area. Volunteer opportunities include participating in building, mentoring, serving on a committee and working at the Restore. Construction on a new house will begin in November.


The Game of Leadership

Wynn Godbold, Bee Sharp Professional Training

We were split up into teams and debated leadership questions within our groups. We learned different leadership styles, techniques and best practices. A Leader can be anyone who motivates and inspires others.

The Game of Leadership


New Directions Tours

Kathy Jenkins, Executive Director

In the afternoon, the leadership class visited the Men’s, Women’s, and Family Shelters. The men’s shelter has a capacity of 135, the women’s shelter has a capacity of 25 and the family shelter has a capacity of 55. All shelters were full on this day.

We learned about the many volunteer opportunities coming up and were provided sign-up sheets for them. Volunteer opportunities include serving food, homelessness awareness week, mentoring and the New Directions Fashion Event.

New Directins Tour   


Leadership Grand Strand Fall Social

Jerusalem Mediterranean Restaurant & Bar

Our group was able to meet alumni’s of Leadership Grand Strand. Fun was had by all and the appetizers were amazing.

LGS Fall Social

LGS Fall Social


Leadership Grand Strand XXXIX - Retreat

Leadership Grand Strand XXXIX - Retreat

Each and every LGS class goes on a retreat to jump start our leadership learning and bond as a group. The retreat is generally held at the Wampee Conference Center, but due to flooding, Diana Greene and the LGS leadership group had to make some changes. This year’s retreat was held over two days, September 27th and 28th, at the Pelicans Stadium.

The retreat’s leadership training is led by Eileen Soisson.

Through activities, Eileen helps the class understand how to be a better leader.

Through the presentation of “Lifelines” by each member of this year’s class, the class goes from being a group of individuals with tenuous connections to a unit. The sharing of one’s history creates unexpected bonds and helps everyone discover links they didn’t know they had with each other.

There is no standard way to present your “lifeline”. Mike brought us a bit of Christmas in his story.

Jimmy’s presentation was a bit more musical than the others.

No matter how you chose to present, the entire class watched, riveted.