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Jonathan Paris

Jonathan Paris

Get to know Jonathan

Tell us about your job position and some of your typical work tasks.
As executive director of sports tourism, I work to attract and support sporting events and meetings in the Grand Strand. I actively represent the area and our local partners to new potential event partners, as well as continue to grow and strengthen our relationships with current event partners. Additionally, we provide on the ground support to the events while they are in town.

Favorite food

Favorite drink
Seltzer water

How do you give back to the community?
Giving back to the community is always important. Right now, I help work with my kids youth sports teams and leagues.

What’s your favorite thing to do in Myrtle Beach?
Going to the beach!

Best advice you ever received?
To work hard, do your best and not sweat the things our of your control.

Tell us about your family/pets.
My wife Sarah and I have three children, Isabella, Stevie and Charlie and our corgi Georgie.

Favorite sports team
New England Patriots