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October 1, 2020

Reopening Guidelines From Accelerate Myrtle Beach Recovery Task Force 

The Accelerate Myrtle Beach Recovery Task Force was created by the Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce and Convention and Visitors Bureau in collaboration with the Myrtle Beach Area Hospitality Association to help facilitate the economic recovery of the Grand Strand area by providing guidelines for marketing and communications to local area accommodations, restaurants, attractions, golf courses, retail outlets, and other businesses.

A Message From … 

Stuart Butler, MBACC Marketing Council Chair
Regarding Accelerate Myrtle Beach Recovery Task Force Reopening Guidelines

Reopening Guidelines

Printable PDFs

Five Major Objectives of Accelerate Myrtle Beach Recovery Task Force 

  • To define, communicate and encourage health and safety best-practices based on national and state recommendations. 
  • To encourage alignment and consistency of recovery policies and messaging between the CVB, local and state governments, the hospitality association, and local businesses. 
  • To make recommendations to the local and state government regarding hospitality recovery. 
  • To accelerate recovery by understanding and addressing the concerns of residents, employees and visitors regarding travel and safety. 
  • To create marketing and communication best-practice materials for distribution. 

These guidelines were created in good faith by the business community for the business community to provide guidance and suggested measures to accomplish safety. These are guidelines, and our most important objective, is to keep our staff and our guests well by providing a safe environment based on the recommendations of the CDC and other government agencies. 

Please note, any order enacted by local, state or federal governments regarding similar guidance and/or safety measures supersedes these suggested guidelines.

Task Force Representation 

  • Marketing Council Chairman – Stuart Butler 
  • Chamber President and CEO – Karen Riordan 
  • Hospitality Association President and CEO – Stephen Greene 
  • Lodging – Matthew Brittain, Bob Barenberg, Matt Klugman 
  • Restaurants – Heidi Vukov 
  • Retail – Jim Powalie 
  • Golf Courses – Dave Genevro 
  • Attractions/Entertainment Venues – Robert Stinnett, Pablo Chavez, Mark Lazarus, David Olive 
  • Myrtle Beach Police Department – Chief Amy Prock and Captain Eric DiLorenzo 

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