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May 11, 2022

Many businesses start for a similar reason: helping someone else live better. The problem is most business owners move past their area of expertise as the business grows. They have to figure things out on their own and often waste time and money on avoidable mistakes. Brandyn Miller with Clear Message shares how you can build a business that works and grows.

  1. Leadership
    Strong leadership should know where the business is going. Set a strong mission statement that inspires action.
  2. Marketing
    Your business needs a clean, clear message that invites people in, so you’re never chasing sales.
  3. Sales
    Develop your sales campaign. Start with the problem and develop effective lead generating offers to engage customers.
  4. Products/Services
    Products and services should be profitable and in demand. To grow your business, consider focusing on the products and services with larger profit margins.
  5. Overhead
    The most significant investment in your company is your employees. Make sure they know where they are going, what they should focus on and how their job ties into the mission statement.
  6. Cash Flow
    Just like a plane uses a fuel gauge to make sure there’s enough gas, businesses need to monitor cash flow, even when times are good.

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