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March 18, 2020

Temporary Operational Rules and Procedures for Restaurants 
ONLY within the City of Myrtle Beach 

Following the shift to take-out and delivery service during the COVID-19 emergency response declaration from the State of South Carolina, the City of Myrtle Beach Planning and Zoning Department has issued temporary operational rules and procedures for Restaurants within the City of Myrtle Beach only. 

1. Notwithstanding other zoning regulations governing signs, the following temporary signage is allowed:

  • Temporary freestanding signage not to exceed thirty-two (32) square feet total, which may include banners and “A” frame signs
  • May have up to four temporary directional signs not to exceed four (4) square feet each
  • Temporary wall signage not to exceed thirty-two (32) square feet total 
  • Balloons are prohibited. 
  • Through end of the Day Sunday March 29, the use of restaurant “mascots” (e.g., the Chik Filet Cow) is permitted. This provision may be extended on a week-by-week basis thereafter.  

2. Restaurants may have up to three temporary tents, not to exceed 300 square feet in total. 

3. Sign/tent placement:

  • Any temporary tents and/or signage may only be placed on the property in which the restaurant is located unless such property has a zero front setback. 
  • Signs may not be placed in a public right of way unless the restaurant has a zero lot line. In such cases the restaurant may submit a site plan showing the placement of signage only (no tents) on the adjacent sidewalk. The plan must maintain a minimum of 4 feet clear passage so as not to obstruct pedestrian use of the sidewalk. In such instances signage is limited to eight square feet in the public rights-of-way. Such cases must be specifically approved by the City Manager and shall include an assumption of liability by the restaurant for any claims arising from the placement of signage in the rights-of-way. 
  • Signs may not be placed in such a way to cause a sight hazard (subject to the City’s sole determination). 

4. Public parking spaces may be temporarily designated and/or marked for the following uses:

a. Curbside pickup

b. Delivery 

5. These temporary rules and procedures are subject to modification, in whole or in part, upon public notice thereof.   

City of Myrtle Beach Planning and Zoning Office

Your Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce and CVB will continue to monitor these developments and provide updates as they are available.


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