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Cost Of Living Calculator

Every quarter The Cost of Living Index (COLI) COLI compiles and publishes The Cost of Living Index, a comparison of the cost of living in more than 300 cities and areas across the country. Participating agencies such as chambers of commerce collect prices on nearly 60 different products and services. In an effort to control random error in the analysis of the data, agencies are expected to collect the same data at the same time for every quarter of the year. The Cost of Living Calculator compares the cost of living differences between your community and other communities across the United States.

Cost of Living Calculator Source: The Cost of Living Index (COLI)

Average Apartment Rent

$1,540 as of July 2022. Cost varies depending on several factors including location and size.

Source: RentCafe

Average New Home Cost


Source: Zillow

Average Electric Bill

$126.99 (average resdiental monthly electricity bill)

Source: FindEnergy.com, as of December 2022

Average Gasoline Price per Gallon

$2.835 (regular unleaded gasoline)

Source: GasPrices.aa.com, as of December 2022

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