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A hurricane warning is in effect for the entire coast of South Carolina. Find updates and resources.

Past Chairs of the MBACC Board of Directors

Jasper B. Ramsey, 1938
Lewis N. Clark, 1939
P.G. Winstead, 1940
S.P. Gardner, 1942
D. Stowe Crouse, 1946
H. Lloyd Macklen, 1947
Ben M. Graham, 1948
Ralph J. Hewlett, 1949
Oliver Miller, 1950
Mark C. Garner, 1952
Harry Tallevast, 1953
Steven C. Chapman, 1954
Luke K. Ward, 1955
Robert H. Jones, 1956
W. Leroy Harrelson, 1957
John Campbell, 1957
Dwight C. Lambe, 1958
Frank Hughes, 1959
Gerbrand Poster, 1960
Justin Plyer, 1961
Bill Gasque, 1962
Henderson Guerry, 1963
Joe Singleton, 1964
William J. Sigmon, 1965
E. Allison Farlow, 1966
Zeb M. Thomas, 1967
John Thorne, 1968
Lloyd Bell, 1969
W.E. Cameron, 1970
C.L. Donevant Jr., 1971
Lois Bowen, 1972
Peter Grier, 1973
Thomas J. Rogers, 1974
Bill Robbins, 1977
Donald D. Leonard, 1978
Barry Thispen, 1979
Lindsay Nelson, 1980
William Hennecy, 1981
Eva Dell Collins, 1982
William F. Pritchard, 1983
William H. Alford, 1984
Harry E. Thomas, 1985
William J. Sigmon Jr., 1986
J. Michael Pate, 1987
Daniel H. Isaac Jr., 1988
Grant Kahn, 1989
J. Roddy Swaim, 1990
G. David Bishop, 1991
Suzette Rogers, 1992, 1997
Tom Moore, 1993
G. Gerald Quickel, 1994
Mark Lazarus, 1995
Charlie Stuart, 1996
M. Lance Thompson, 1998
Vernie Dove, 1999
Mike Wooten, 2000
Gary Loftus, 2001
Dennis Ware, 2002
Robert “Shep” Guyton, 2003
W. Wayne Gray, 2005
David Brittain, 2006
Steve Chapman, 2007
Brant Branham, 2008
Franklin Daniels, 2010
Richard Singleton, 2011
Tommy Bouchette, 2013
Ted Forlenberry, 2014
Jim Creel Jr., 2016
Todd Setzer, 2017
Carla Schuessler, 2018
Matt Klugman, 2019


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Ignite Conference logo and headshot of dawn staley
August 30, 2022

South Carolina Women’s Basketball Coach Dawn Staley to Present the Keynote Address at Ignite Women’s Conference

The Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce (MBACC) is thrilled to announce that Dawn Staley, head coach of the University of South Carolina women’s basketball team, will be the keynote speaker for the first-ever Ignite Women’s Conference. Staley will participate in a moderated Q&A luncheon as well...

hurricane ian update from myrtle beach area chamber of commerce
September 29, 2022

Hurricane Ian Updates

MBACC is working closely with Horry County Emergency Management in tracking Hurricane Ian.